Conference: Libya in Transition (June 23-24 Rome)

An international conference with the theme Libya in Transition. Elites, Civil Society, Factionalism, and State Reshaping will occur in Rome on June 23–24 co-sponsored by a number of institutions and organized by a committee of scholars including Prof. Anna Baldinetti, a historian of Libya. The call for papers gives the following overview:

Today’s Libya symbolizes the complexity of the transformations which have been modifying and reshaping the southern shore of the Mediterranean since 2011. The current Libyan transition, which is characterized by institutional fragility and has its own historical, political, and economic specificities is, however, part of major and wider dynamics of change that are related to more than a single Arabic country.  The Conference therefore aims to discuss the process of Libyan transition from comparative perspectives.

There will be over 25 presentations over the two days, including papers by a handful of Libyan scholars. The conference program may be viewed here. About half the papers will be in French and about half in English.



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