In the Country of Men re-release | رواية “في بلد الرجال” نُشرمن جديد

in-the-country-of-men-new Hisham Matar’s first novel In the Country of Men has been re-released as a Penguin Essential: “The Penguin Essentials are some of the twentieth-century’s most important books. When they were first published they changed the way we thought about literature and about life. And they have remained vital reading ever since.”

The book is graced by a fantastic new cover designed by Christopher Worker.

I assume that everyone has already read this book, so I post it here to mark the occasion. Of course, with its fancy new cover, you have yet another reason to share it with as many people as possible. As a friend recently said: “the cover is beautiful but the content is more beautiful.”

The blurb is: “Nine-year-old Suleiman is just awakening to the wider world beyond the games on the hot pavement outside his home and beyond the loving embrace of his parents. He becomes the man of the house when his father goes away on business, but then he sees his father, standing in the market square in a pair of dark glasses. Suddenly the wider world becomes a frightening place where parents lie and questions go unanswered. Suleiman turns to his mother, who, under the cover of night, entrusts him with the secret story of her childhood.”

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