New Issue of Libyan Studies | مجلة الدراسات الليبية

LIS46_-1The latest issue of the journal Libyan Studies (no. 46) has been published by the Society for Libyan Studies. It is available online, though only by subscription. The table of contents of this issue is below. For those who don’t know it already, Libyan Studies has been published once annually since the late 1960s. Originally intended to report the various projects of British archaeological teams in Libya, the journal’s scope has since expanded but maintains a focus on archaeology, classical (i.e. Greco-Roman) Libya, and the built environment. The society also has a few lectures open to the public each year in London.

Table of Contents of Libyan Studies 46

“Obituary: Wyndham Michael (Mike) Edmunds” – Tony Allan

“Mid-Holocene bifacial tradition evidenced in Augila Oasis, Cyrenaica, Libya” – John P. Mason and Giulio Lucarini

“Non-destructive μXRF analysis of glass and metal objects from sites in the Libyan pre-desert and Fazzan” – C.N. Duckworth and A. Cuénod and D.J. Mattingly

“The walls of medieval Zuwila” – D.J. Mattingly and C.M. Daniels and M.J. Sterry and D.N. Edwards

“Extramural rock-cut sanctuaries in the territory of Cyrene” – Oliva Menozzi

“The epigraphy of Sidi Khrebish, Benghazi (Berenice): an update” – Joyce Reynolds and Philip Kenrick

“Conserving and managing mosaics in Libya (CaMMiL): the final project review” – William T. Wootton and Alaa El-Habashi and John D. Stewart and Hafed Walda

“Les dépotoirs d’ateliers de céramiques de Majoura: nouvelles données” – Mongi Nasr

“The musical tradition of maʾlūf in Libya: rethinking memories from the field” – Philip Ciantar

“The Society for Libyan Studies Archive: Past, Present and Future” – Victoria Leitch and Julia Nikolaus

“Notes from Libya” – Paul Bennett and Pauline Graham

اللي ايحب يقرا مقالتين او ثلاثة من العدد هذا ايدز لي رسالة نعطيك

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