New Issue of Libyan Studies | عدد جديد من مجالة الدراسات اليبية

ls47coverThe latest issue (#47, 2016) of the journal Libyan Studies has just been published. It contains the following articles:

— “The main issues of the Cyrene necropolis and the use of remote sensing for monitoring in the case of the eastern necropolis.” By Fawzi Al Raeid, Eugenio Di Valerio, Maria Giorgia Di Antonio, Oliva Menozzi, Mazen A.S. Abdalgader El Mziene and Clara Tamburrino

— “GIS of the chora of Cyrene: fortifications and Christian buildings in Late Antiquity.” By A. Abdalrahim Sheriff Saad, S. Farag Abdel Hati, Sonia Antonelli, Oliva Menozzi, Veronica Petraccia and Maria Carla Somma

— “The Lepcitanian landscape across the ages: the survey between Ras el-Mergheb and Ras el-Hammam (2007, 2009, 2013).” By Massimiliano Munzi, Fabrizio Felici, Jabar Matoug, Isabella Sjöström and Andrea Zocchi

— “Rediscovering the rural landscape of Carthage’s hinterland: a reassessment of the Carthaginian Countryside survey.” By Rachael A. Sycamore and Brian G. Buchanan

— “Late Roman imported red slip ware in the Metelis region (Alexandria, Egypt).” By Cristina Mondin

— “An annotated bibliography of Arabic and Berber in Libya.” By Adam Benkato and Christophe Pereira

— “Arabic toponymy in the territory of al-Bayḍā/al-Qubba (Cyrenaica, Libya).” By Jesus Lorenzo Jimenez

It is available online at the journal’s homepage, but unfortunately only accessible to subscribers or those with an institutional subscription.

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