Journal: The Journal of Libyan Studies | مجلة الدراسات الليبية

In this post I draw attention to a defunct journal published by a Libyan research center in the UK.

The Journal of Libyan Studies was published from 2000–2003 at a rate of two issues per year (only one appeared in 2003) before folding due to low subscriptions and infrequently submitted quality content (see here for its closing note). It was produced by the Centre for Libyan Studies based in Oxford, which also has not been active recently.

Journal of Libyan Studies Vol. 1 No. 1

Since the journal is not indexed by the usual databases, I’ve taken the liberty of scanning the table of contents of all seven issues. You can find a PDF of them at this link. There are a number of articles by well-established scholars, and furthermore, every issue had a different photograph of something Libyan on its front and back covers.  Although it doesn’t look like the journal can be purchased anymore, there is a complete set available to consult in the SOAS library. It is not to be confused with the long-running journal Libyan Studies published by the British Academy-based Society for Libyan Studies.

Also, at least one article published in the JLS has now become available online at (if more are noticed, please let me know):

Nora Lafi & Denis Boucquet. Local Élites and Italian Town-Planning Procedures in Early Colonial Tripoli 1911-1912. Journal of Libyan Studies 3/1, 59–67. link.

6 thoughts on “Journal: The Journal of Libyan Studies | مجلة الدراسات الليبية

  1. victoria de giey

    Hello, I’m desperately looking for the online version of the journal of libyan studies…
    thank you for your help !



      1. AB Post author

        For which journal specifically? For “The Journal of Libyan Studies”, only what is in this post. We’re trying to find a way to get them online, but for now unfortunately don’t have anything.


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