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Conference: Libyan and Tunisian Arabic (Vienna)

It is a good summer for the study of Arabic dialects in Libya.

In May, at the 11th conference of AIDA (Association internationale de la dialectologie arabe) in Bucharest, was the first panel devoted to Libyan Arabic in the twenty-year history of the organization. Five different scholars presented papers about Arabic dialects in Tripoli, Benghazi, and the Fezzan. Some of those papers will be published in the proceedings of that conference, and will be announced here accordingly.

This month a workshop on Tunisian and Libyan Arabic dialects will occur in Vienna, hosted by the Universität Wien and the Österreichische Akademie der Wissenschaften. Its title is Tunisian and Libyan Arabic dialects: Common trends, recent developments, diachronic aspects, and the following papers specifically dealing with Libyan Arabic will be presented:

  • Adam Benkato – “Investigating Bedouin Arabic in Libya: A closer look at the phonology of Benghazi Arabic” (تحقيق العربي البدوي في ليبيا: منظر اقرب على فونولوجية لهجة بنغازي العربية).
  • Maciej Klimiuk – “Pronouns in the Arabic dialect of Msallāta (Libya)” (الضمائر في لهجة مسلاتة العربية).
  • Christophe Pereira & Najah Benmoftah – “Preliminary remarks on the Arabic spoken in Khoms (Libya)” (ملاحظات تمهيدية على العربية المحكية في مدينة الخمس الليبية).
  • Dominique Caubet – “A tentative description of aspect, mood, and modality in the Fezzan via William & Philippe Marçais’ texts (1943-1953)” (وصف تجريبي على بعض الخواص النحوي في الفزان من خلال نصوص الاساتذة مارسي).

A number of other papers will touch on aspects of dialectology relevant to Libyan Arabic as well.